Surface Multivariate Tensor-Based Morphometry

Impact of Early and Late Visual Deprivation on the Structure of the Corpus Callosum: A Study Combining Thickness Profile with Surface Tensor-based Morphometry
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Studying Ventricular Abnormalities in Mild Cognitive Impairment with Hyperbolic Ricci Flow and Tensor-based Morphometry
Shi J, Stonnington CM, Thompson PM, Chen K, Gutman B, Reschke C, Baxter LC, Reiman EM, Caselli RJ, Wang Y
Applying Tensor-based Morphometry to Parametric Surfaces can Improve MRI-based Disease Diagnosis
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[MICCAI 09(Oral)]


Surface-based TBM Boosts Power to Detect Disease Effects on the Brain: An N=804 ADNI Study
Wang, Y, Song Y, Rajagopalan P, An T, Liu K, Chou Y, Gutman B, Toga AW, Thompson PM
[OHBM 11(Oral)] [NeuroImage]
Hippocampal and Ventricular Differences in 804 ADNI Subjects Mapped with Multivariate Tensor-Based Morphometry
Wang, Y, Song Y, Chou Y, Toga AW, Thompson PM
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Multivariate Tensor-based Morphometry on Surfaces: Application to Mapping Ventricular Abnormalities in HIV/AIDS
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[MICCAI 09(Oral)] [NeuroImage]